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Nutrition plays a big role in every aspect of health. Maintaining good nutrition with a hectic schedule can be difficult by yourself and sometimes you need professional guidance. Alpha Health Care provides patients in the greater Los Angeles, California areas of Encino, Pasadena, Woodland Hills, Westlake Village, and West L.A. with one-on-one nutritional coaching services to develop customized nutritional plans for greater success.

Nutrition Coaching Q & A

What is nutritional coaching?

Nutritional coaching involves education and motivation towards the relationship between good nutrition and health. The food choices a person makes have a direct bearing on how well the body functions and how well it can fight off diseases and disorders. Today, busy schedules can contribute to making poor eating decisions which can lead to bad eating habits. Nutritional coaching at Alpha Health Care breaks through the myths and fads to point you on a clear path aimed to optimize your health and wellness for your specific needs.

How is nutritional coaching performed?

Nutritional coaching begins with a thorough review of the health history and lifestyle factors of each patient. Alpha Health Care takes your health history and current medical condition into consideration when determining your nutritional program. A physical exam will be performed including detailed blood tests and a thorough interview to determine if any nutritional deficiencies are present. Patients will also be asked about their eating habits, physical activities, and other lifestyle issues to determine if factors like stress or overworking might be playing a role in nutrition and weight management. Once all the information has been gathered, an eating plan will be created based on the individual medical needs, habits, and preferences of the patient. Patients will return to the office on a routine basis for assessment so their plans can be modified as needed, especially as they reach their weight and health goals.

Beyond weight loss, what are the benefits of nutritional coaching?

It has been shown that improving your nutritional regime and losing weight is one of the most important things you can do to improve your medical condition and overall health. Multiple studies have shown the link between poor nutrition and serious medical issues, including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, anemia and hormone dysfunction. Nutritional counseling can be an important tool in preventing these and other medical conditions, and it can also be especially important for maintaining optimal health in the face of age-related changes. Alpha Health Care programs are individualized and modified with dietary changes to accommodate your special needs.

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