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Losing weight is challenging. Countless individuals deal with the social and emotional consequences connected to increased weight. The goal at Alpha Health Care is to help you feel healthier and to feel better with a safe weight loss program. Persons in the areas of Encino, Woodland Hills, Pasadena, West Los Angeles, and Westlake Village of Los Angeles, California are encouraged to visit for their weight loss needs.

Weight Loss Q & A

What kinds of medical problems are associated with being overweight or obese?

Studies have linked excess weight to an array of serious medical conditions. Research has linked being overweight or obese with high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, hormone dysfunction, cognitive impairment and some types of cancer. It's also been known to be a contributor to obstructive sleep apnea and stroke. Because being overweight results in decreased energy levels, many people also report an increase in feelings of loneliness and isolation when they are unable to participate in social activities which can also lead to depression. Weight fluctuations associated with successive failed dieting attempts can also have an impact on health. Learning to manage weight over the long term can help men and women reduce their risks for these and other weight-related problems.

How is professional weight management better than a commercial dieting plan?

Professional weight management goes far beyond commercial or DIY diet plans that base those plans on very broad concepts of what it takes to lose weight. Even programs that claim to be easy to maintain over the long run are not based on the individual factors that can hamper weight management in most people. Including work and other lifestyle habits and schedules, personal issues, food preferences and mealtime habits, and even underlying medical issues that can have a bearing on nutrition and cause uncontrollable food cravings. Professional weight management is based on a deep understanding of the weight-loss goals and health needs of the individual patient. There are also other factors that can have a bearing on diet and physical activity, enabling the practitioner and the patient to work together to create a weight management plan that works, and keeps working over time.

How can Alpha Health Care help me lose weight?

The medical team at Alpha Health Care are skilled in designing custom plans for each patient which include continual follow-up and evaluation to help patients stay on track so they can meet their weight-loss goals. Using a combination of dietary, exercise, FDA approved therapies and supplements; this unique weight-reduction program enables those who need to reduce a lot or a little a safe and effective method. Alpha Health Care also provides nutritional consultations that give you the information you need to gain the most out of the food you eat in conjunction with your customized exercise plan.

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